About Us

Since 1988, Californeon has been the top choice for the design, fabrication and installation of distinctive quality signs and graphics. Entering our 24th year, we have worked hard to earn a reputation for consistently meeting our clients demanding expectations.

Whether designing an attractive storefront sign, interior signage or handling complex installations, Californeon is always ready to provide the excellent service you expect.

Using state of the art equipment, signs are produced to meet exact specifications. We service and repair all types of signs.

Graphic design is not all about using one's logo and colours for a sign. Many outside factors influence on how well the sign will work in its location. Californeon recognizes these outside influences on the success of the design process so we set out to develop each design to stand out in beauty and function. Whether you are purchasing a façade, pylon, carved, neon, channel sign, or any other custom sign, we use our creative graphic design talents to make it stand out

  • A sign as a form of communication. You want people to see your message.
  • It should be large enough to read. Consider the speed of local traffic.
  • Too much writing or clutter is difficult on the eyes. Make it short and simple.
  • Make sure you have enough lighting so that it can be seen at night.
  • Changing signage from time to time will grab potential customers' attention

Our aim isn't to just sell signs; we want to see you stand out as much as your business for many years to come because your success is our success

Our Mission:

Signs...The Three W’s

Do you need a sign? Does it help your business? Should you place importance on the quality and workmanship of your sign?

The answer to all three is a big YES.

We often hear “I don’t need a sign” My name on a paper in the window is good enough. What will these people say in less than a years time when they are looking to open their next business because the first didn’t survive? Smart people realize that a business with no sign is a sign of no business and a good business sign is a sign of good business.

What is a good business sign?.....it says who, what and where you are. Which is more important? Who you are or what you are? That depends if your name indicates what you are such as “Jack’s bar & Grill” or if your name is already well known like “Applebee’s”, “Sears” or “MacDonald’s”. Yet sometimes we pass a building and see a name “Federal”. That company may feel their clients know what they do...but what about the others who don’t know them. Do they manufacture tires, toys, electronic parts, or clothing? For some it may be advantageous to put a secondary line saying what they do.

The third W is where you are. Not only for clients to be able to find you but to see you. It is a statement of presence. You should convey the message that you are here to offer your products and services and are not a “fly by night” operation.